Geoffroy Lejeune, in charge of the project to install a CRM portal in this town of 16,000 inhabitants, describes the benefits for citizens of a solution that can digitalize roughly 90 different administrative procedures. 15,000 digitalized administrative procedures were undertaken during the year via the portal. The huge advantage of the solution is that customers are free to create new procedures, and can therefore enrich the services they offer to their end-users. This also means that this offering of 90 forms, designed for town halls, also exists for other administrative organizations, such as regional councils, district councils, or groups of municipalities, and even for a certain number of private companies who want to enhance the service they provide to their end-users. There were still lots of questions at the end of a conference which filled the auditorium. This just goes to show how interested people are in this concept of a collaborative portal, which in the context presented by Geoffroy has saved thousands of hours of waiting time at service desks, thousands of miles of travel and thousands of euros of postage.