Your customers are your company’s greatest asset, so don’t disappoint them by delaying your answers to their complaints or even not answering at all!

Now is the time to implement a solution for managing complaints and non-conformities that corresponds to your values. Your customers are your treasure!

Ask your quality department or customer service department the key questions: How do they manage complaints at the moment? What is the process? What are the solutions?

Management of customer complaints has to fulfill three objectives:

  • Improve customer satisfaction to increase their loyalty, consequently raising the long-term profitability of your company.
  • Improve the quality of products, services and procedures by means of preventive and corrective actions carried out following declaration of a non-conformity. These actions are vital in order to win over new customers and extend your market share.
  • Protect your brand image in order to avoid customer dissatisfaction. Media contagion can be extremely quick, especially on social networks.

Finally, a large proportion of dissatisfied customers don’t bother to submit a complaint to the company because in many cases the company doesn’t provide a digital channel for complaints on its site, which could enable the customer to make their complaint and above all track it! The company therefore loses customers without realizing it, due to the lack of an official complaint!

So do you want to industrialize the complaint handling process?

Don’t wait any longer, try Workey Store. It offers a ready-to-use cloud-based solution to manage the internal process for handling customer complaints as well as non-conformities and the associated actions. It can be completely customized via the Workey Business Process Management platform.

Go to for your first quality experience!

Yes, but what are the advantages?

  • Complaint handling workflow for better tracking
  • Capability to associate action plans with a complaint to reduce the cost of non-quality
  • Tracking of statuses to provide relevant customer information
  • Single repository for complaints, non-conformities and actions to optimize information-sharing
  • Statistics and control panels (volumes, by type, etc.) for real-time control


We also offer digitalization at the source of the customer complaint, thanks to our portal solution, as well as management of a quality file with all the complaints that arrive via the different channels (mail, email, etc.) via our MultiGest document solution.

The EFALILA group solutions provide an efficient fast and adaptable response to provide end-to-end management of the customer complaint handling process.