For several years, CRIDEC has been a center specializing in collecting and identifying special waste.

With several years of experience, CRIDEC is diversifying its recovery business lines in order to process each type of special waste.

For this customer, the EFALIA group intervenes upstream with WORKEY, performing Modeling of ISO processes for each type of specific product, by means of a procedure update linked to current regulations, etc. Modeling and then Automation of these Operational processes. EFALIA’s MultiGest ECM provides the link between the documentation, the directives and the operational side.

CRIDEC SA has been working in the environmental protection field since 1985, and has more than 50 employees.

Its headquarters are located in the heart of Swiss Romandie, in the vaudois municipality of Eclépens.


Axians public Romandie ( EX RUF AG)

Partnership with the RUF/AXIANS company (VINCI Energy)

Axians in Switzerland is an agile network of suppliers of ICT services and publishers of specialized software operating under the global brand of Axians in the VINCI Energies group. Our deployment at 17 sites located in all the linguistic regions enables us to guarantee close proximity to our customers.

The objective of our Partnership with AXIANS RUF AG whose headquarters are at YVERDON, is to offer Swiss municipalities our ECM solutions to customers/prospects (RUF/AXIANS is one of the Leaders in this field in Switzerland).

Our priority is Swiss Romandie, but also German-speaking Switzerland. As an integrator, first degree.

The technical teams have started to discuss sharing of technical information, translated for this occasion into German.

Commercially, we have started prospecting together, with three offers at present for municipalities who are already using the RUF/AXIANS business tool and are looking for an ECM. We are going to be integrated into the presentations organized by AXIANS/RUF during 2019.

This is quite a promising partnership for EFALIA Switzerland.