Document Management Software with FileDirector at Vinci Construction France

Interview with Claude Sautrel, Document Management Project Manager at Vinci Construction France, by Efalia in January 2015

Vinci Construction France chose ScanFile France, an Efalia subsidiary, in 2010 to supply a powerful tool able to manage all the challenges of managing its site documents. In 2014, one of the Vinci group’s sites, the Stade des Lumières stadium, became a user of the FileDirector solution, with configuration support from Efalia.

Which parameters led Vinci to choose FileDirector?

Our main criteria were respect for standards, ensuring legal value for the documents managed in the system, the ability to handle large numbers of users and a high volume of documents and the standardisation with Microsoft technologies. FileDirector corresponded perfectly to these objectives.

Did you have any specifications with regard to the integrator of the solution?

We wanted to work with an organisation that was both stable and responsive, able if necessary to meet specific needs. ScanFile France (now an Efalia subsidiary) was very present at every stage of the project, even the most critical points. In particular, they produced a simplified plan management interface enabling subcontractors to classify or retrieve documents without needing to be DMS experts.

Can you point to a key site involved in your deployment?

All our sites are important, from the smallest to the largest. But the Stade des Lumières site was one of Vinci Construction France’s biggest projects, with a correspondingly high level of visibility. It’s one of our key projects. The document process had to live up to the importance of the site. Efalia gave us additional support in configuring the product so that the complexity of such a big project could be managed in detail. Of course their local presence was a bonus of which we took advantage.

Claude Sautrel
Document Management Project Manager

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