The advantages of document management for senior managers

Leading either an SME or a major corporation requires good vision. First, a clear vision of the company’s industry, the market in which it operates and the best strategy to follow. Then a vision of the company itself, your production costs and the methods to adopt in order to reduce them and thus lower the price of the services or products you sell.

Cutting costs

The electronic document management solutions offered by Efalia enable you to cut costs drastically, optimise the efficiency of your teams and gain a clear vision of the processes around which your company is organised.

Paperless operation enables you first of all to reduce or even eliminate the space dedicated to storing your archives. The tools we provide reduce the time needed to process and manipulate documents. This time can then be spent on your core business, rather than wasted on filing and archiving.

Controlling processes

Our document workflow module enables you to model the operation and processing of your documents, and above all to standardise processes across all your teams using detailed tables of indicators.

Our tools thus give senior managers a clear view of the processes taking place within the company, with control panels enabling them to track critical and strategic documents in total security from any location. You can monitor how all the documents entered into the document management process evolve and are shared and modified using our tracking tools.

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