The role of a sales representative is one in which mobility, responsiveness and professionalism are important or even essential in achieving successful results. Having the right versions of documents at the right time, regardless of distance or location, is a major requirement of the job.

The right information at hand

A visit to a customer or potential customer leaves no room for mistakes. Sales representatives must be able to access full information about the customer in order to adapt their approach and immediately know the requirements they need to respond to. They also need to know the history of the relationship between their company and the customer in order to identify and anticipate potential changes in their orders.

The MULTIGEST DMS solution from Efalia can not only synchronise customer documents across the whole sales team, while managing access and changes to documents; it also centralises storage, making it easy to access the right sales documents (signed up-to-date contract, quote, order and invoice) at the right time.

Mobility, an Efalia commitment

Meeting your customers’ needs as closely as possible requires a good understanding of the problems they face. Sales representatives need to visit their customers regularly to identify and define their needs and expectations with them.

Access to information and the right documents thus needs to be possible wherever the sales representative is, and whatever the state of the Internet connection.

MULTIGEST is available on smartphones and tablets: you can view a document or confirm a workflow step from your mobile device, with the interfaces adapted to the smaller screen size.

Another mobility solution is Efalia’s portable export feature: access from anywhere at any time to all the documents mobile users need. They can now retrieve folders in order to view or edit them in autonomous, off-line mode, with the same user interface as if they were on-line.

The documents created or edited are then automatically synchronised with the MULTIGEST database later, when they are reimported into the software.

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