Due to its inherently interdisciplinary nature, quality management needs tools that can easily be shared, revised and secured across all the staff of a company. In its constant quest for compliance with regulatory standards, process improvement and production quality, the quality management function involves ceaselessly planning, developing, checking and adjusting the procedures in place in the company.

The Document Workflow solution: the circulation and monitoring of quality documents

The Document Workflow module included in the MULTIGEST solution addresses the needs of quality managers, enabling quality documents to be circulated quickly (control charts, flowcharts, certification manuals etc.) and permanent control to be maintained (reading, approval, modification, validation or acknowledgements of receipt).

This means you can ensure your colleagues are complying with the quality approach in real time using the workflow’s tracking sheet, which contains all the information about the workflow: list of people involved, tasks allocated, time allowed for each task etc. The tracking sheet automatically documents the follow-up of processes, corrective actions etc.

In addition, MULTIGEST presents detailed control panels for the supervision of quality processes.

The Workflow solution thus provides optimum traceability for all your quality documents.

Take back control of time

Thanks to its native interoperability with your integrated management software, the MULTIGEST module fits naturally into your IT system and interfaces with all the functions of your company.

For example, you can couple the validation of your quality documents to your reverse schedules and control the validity dates of your documents. Using the Workflow module, you can collaborate on document tracking and automate a number of tasks, such as validation alerts, follow-up letters if procedures are not followed on time and of course the archiving or deletion of quality documents according to the procedure you have defined.

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