Local authorities: why adopt Electronic Document Management System (DMS) ?

There is no shortage of reasons for setting up a digitisation project.

The first is the legal obligation. The French government’s simplification policy requires all local authorities to digitise all accounting and supporting documents by 1 January 2015. Environmental and financial constraints, combined with the need for efficiency in a period of tight public-sector budgets, also encourage paperless operations – moving away from paper saves on the space dedicated to archives in local authority buildings and makes it possible to sort, archive, store and ultimately destroy documents with total security and in accordance with the law.

How should a digitisation project be approached?

Efalia’s expertise and experience enable our partners to define their digitisation projects according to their own needs, legal obligations and document volumes. Efalia’s teams contribute their skills when digitisation procedures are put in place and advise local authority staff on legal compliance, archive quality and document conservation.

Once the digitisation project has been defined, Efalia trains the customer’s teams in traceability and the secure storage of the archived documents.

  • Efalia ensures optimum traceability of the documents managed by its own software, enabling local authorities to establish a classification scheme based on a list of metadata defined jointly by Efalia and the local authority. The metadata is used to identify documents quickly and simply based on their identifier, retention period and final disposition, access rights and authorisations.
  • Efalia also offers its expertise in security for the documents processed. Efalia’s DMS solution provides total control over who can access documents, and particularly any documents containing the personal details of local residents. The DMS solution for digitising documents ensures legal compliance for local authorities by controlling the entire document archiving process, from scanning to destruction.

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