EFALIA Suite, digital innovation serving public institutions

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Many public institutions use EFALIA Group solutions every day for document management, business process management or online procedures.

EFALIA Suite responds
to the needs of local government

Since France decentralized its public services, local government has been in the front line of managing citizens’ needs. Town halls deal with their citizens, districts (“départements”) deal with welfare recipients and regions deal with the business world.

Local administrations have to simultaneously manage paper documents, which still often constitute the favored medium for correspondence and for validating requests from citizens, the data found in these documents and the internal processes triggered by the documents in order to process them and follow them up.

EFALIA Suite is a software platform that helps local authorities meet their obligations to the full. Our solutions integrate simply into the existing ecosystem, including your current software, enabling the electronic management of documents and of the associated processes.


EFALIA Suite to simplify
the work of all local government employees

With its Case Management approach, EFALIA Suite enables every local government employee to improve their case handling and follow-up for a better service for users while encouraging compliance, collaboration and consistency.


The collaborative approach of EFALIA Suite enables everyone involved in the process of managing a case to instantly access all the relevant documents.


Coordination between different processes enables cases to be managed and closed more quickly thanks to smart automation, which accelerates document circulation, eliminates steps with low added value and avoids time-consuming manual interventions.

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The electronic signature system offered by EFALIA Suite constitutes an essential element of the digitalization process, reinforcing the security of information exchanges.



EFALIA Suite’s legal archiving guarantees respect for regulatory requirements in terms of electronic archiving and compliance so that any necessary checks can be carried out quickly.

What are the uses of EFALIA Suite?

requests for support (housing, disability, children’s services etc.)

These can be read automatically and then recognized and classified intelligently in your file of requesters based on eligibility and the ceiling to apply. Our document composition solutions also enable you to generate documents automatically or semi-automatically: by configuring certain clauses, you can generate documents and letters automatically, tailored to the recipient and their situation.

Thanks to the online procedures provided our by 6Tzen portal solution, the request can either be:

  • Handled directly by a business process through our Workey BPM solution,
  • Entered into the ECM system via our Enterprise Content Management solution MultiGest,
  • Redirected to your business software using the many connectors we offer through the EFALIA Suite ecosystem.

Managing incoming/outgoing correspondence in local government

EFALIA Suite offers Workey GEC, a business application designed to facilitate daily digital mail management. This includes:

  • Enabling employees to classify correspondence and to investigate, process and pass it on to the next stage, depending on their level of authority,
  • Enabling employees to access correspondence for reference in order to monitor follow-up,
  • The ability to re-route correspondence to the mail department or a different entity if it has been wrongly classified,
  • Enabling incoming correspondence to be followed up and tracked, depending on the user’s management level. Has a particular item been answered? By whom? What was the answer? When?

The digital platform
for civil service management centers

EFALIA Suite enables each civil service management center to manage its civil servants’ files in full throughout each one’s career. The civil servants’ files are entirely electronic for optimum follow-up and processing.

The electronic signature solution
for initials and signatures

The EFALIA Suite signature solution allows you to initial documents via a workflow and to sign all types of documents and document flows within a single interface and a single secure environment (signatures for contracts, purchase orders, minutes, memos, orders, PES V2 exchanges etc.).

Legal archiving

Probative value is based on three principles: authenticity, integrity and permanence. The most important condition for complying with these principles is a rigorous organization with rigorous processes. EFALIA Suite offers a digital safe that meets all the requirements and technical standards for an electronic archive system.

More generally, the Efalia group gives public administrations access to turnkey solutions for their digital transformation in order to respond to all the different challenges of their daily case management.

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Manage your processes
and documents naturally