Electronic Document Management System in property surveying

Interview with Annick Sonnier, Chief Executive of RASE (Rhône Alpes Savoie Expertise), by Efalia in May 2012

Why did you choose to digitise your documents?

 RASE (Rhône Alpes Savoie Expertise) is a surveying company in the property sector. We operate in complex, high-stakes situations in which large numbers of long documents are prepared. I quickly realised that handling these paper documents physically would quickly become too costly (storage costs, printing costs, search time…) and reduce our efficiency (search time, copying time, slowed growth). In addition, we have always adopted a position of innovation and technical progress – paperless operation (several years ago now!) was part of this goal.

Why did you choose the MULTIGEST DMS solution from Efalia?

MULTIGEST met all the needs we had defined in our specifications. For me, its crucial advantage was its openness, its ability to integrate smoothly and almost transparently with our management tool, to which MULTIGEST constitutes an additional module. The responsiveness of the Efalia team throughout the development of our management tool was also much appreciated. 

What are the benefits you gain from using MULTIGEST?

Apart from the advantages in terms of image I mentioned before, we have been able to measure accurately the economic benefit of using MULTIGEST. On the basis of 4000 cases a year and a saving of at least 30 minutes on the handling of each case, the economic benefit corresponds to one full-time equivalent position. Not to mention cutting in half the space devoted to storing paper documents.


Annick Sonnier
Chief Executive

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