Industrial production operates under heavy constraints. Quality monitoring, stock control, procurement problems and supplier payments are all challenges facing production departments in large companies.

Efalia’s paperless solutions offer significant time savings in terms of procurement, while enabling optimum quality monitoring through secure collective access to production documents.

DMS, cutting the time needed to enter production documents

Managing a manufacturing company involves completing, modifying, monitoring, filing and archiving huge numbers of documents, especially in companies dealing with large volumes, such as suppliers to supermarkets.
Above a certain volume, the electronic management of commercial documents (invoices, order forms, delivery notes) becomes essential. This is especially the case if the organisation and its production sites are distributed over a wide area: thanks to the centralised storage offered by the MULTIGEST fully web-based solution, tracking documents relating to procurement from suppliers and deliveries to customers can be centralised and accessible from any site in total security.

Finally, paperless solutions make it possible to automate payment incident handling by reconciling invoices with payment files sent by customers, improving the efficiency of recovery operations.

Better quality monitoring

Centralised storage makes finding the right version of a customer order quick and easy. Quality monitoring is also made easier by sharing production order documents and product technical specifications and by real-time revisions to procedures.

Efalia’s MULTIGEST DMS system enables customers to control the structure and architecture of the tool and ensure that procedures are being followed at every stage of production.

Finally, the simplicity of installation, the ease-of-use of the tool and the responsiveness of our teams are seen by our customers as deciding factors in choosing our solution, particularly in the field of manufacturing, where the means of production cannot be immobilised for too long. The adaptability of MULTIGEST is one of its greatest strengths for manufacturers.

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