Efalia: who are we?

July 2017: Acquisition of Workey, BPM and document workflow

January 2017: Acquisition of Appic, specialist in desktop publishing and document management

Our Efalia Group is positioned as the reference in terms of document management and business processes.

2015: A wind of change at ERIC Archivage, which is becoming Efalia

All the ingredients were in place to bring a new dimension to ERIC Archivage:

  • Steady business growth
  • Reinforced staff in the DMS, Professional Scanning and After-Sales teams
  • A national presence (head office in Lyon), supported by several regional offices: Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Strasbourg…

 ERIC Archivage is becoming Efalia

Today, Efalia is:

  • A publisher and integrator of Electronic Document Management System (DMS) solutions:
    MULTIGEST Web and FileDirector
  • A distributor of multiple brands of professional scanners: Canon, InoTec, Fujitsu, Avision, Kodak…
  • The exclusive distributor of Book2Net book scanners in France
  • A distributor of micrographics equipment from Image Data, Canon…

Our teams can support you from the planning of your project (audit) via installation, training/skills transfer to on-site maintenance, repair workshops, after-sales service and the hotline.

We are also pleased to announce the opening of a new website dedicated to our software business, www.efalia.com, and an upgrade to our on-line store for production scanners and consumables, www.efalia-scan.com.

This expertise and detailed knowledge of our customers’ needs enables us to develop the most efficient software solutions for digitising your paper documents, classifying and searching through all your documents and, more generally, all the information essential for your organisation’s operation, and establishing processes and procedures that promote collaborative working. We also offer a range of monitoring and statistical tools to help you manage your organisation, from the DMS deployment phase to its everyday operation.

présentation EFALIA l’efficacité documentaire


LYON Agency (Head Office)

49, Avenue of the Republic

Tel.: 04 72 51 77 55
@: contact@efalia.com

Paris Agency

38, Paul Lafargue street

Toulouse Agency

369, Launaguet road

Bordeaux Agency

46, Guillaume Leblanc street

Strasbourg Agency

10A, Mill road

2013: new partners

ERIC Archivage became an approved InoTec partner for the distribution of very high-volume production scanners and the exclusive distributor of Book2Net book scanners.

2011: The site www.eric-archivage.com changes

To improve clarity and efficiency, ERIC Archivage separated the websites of its two activities, electronic document management based on the MULTIGEST software and the sale of Canon professional scanners.

2011: ERIC Archivage welcomes a new director, Etienne Paillard

Etienne Paillard acquired all the shares from the founder of ERIC Archivage, Patrick Fhal. The takeover was based on a high level of continuity, maintaining the company’s activities in the fields of DMS and production scanners and keeping the same teams. The goal was to quickly increase the company’s technical and commercial potential to make MULTIGEST the industry-standard simple, high-performance, economical Document Management System while offering complete solutions including both hardware and software.

2010: ERIC Archivage, leader in DMS for district councils

Over 50 local authorities have since opted for the MULTIGEST solution for their local social services (MDPH, RSA, ASE, FSL, RMI) and their different departments more generally.

The ERIC Archivage team carries out the daily maintenance of its solutions to provide the high standards its customers expect. The loyalty of its customers constitutes its primary quality label.

2008: ERIC Archivage creates its online professional scanner store

2005: The “local authority” Document Management System

With the strength of its experience with the former COTOREP disability employment services and in response to demand from new local social services organisations (MDPH/RSA), publishers of business applications (such as GFI, Info DB, SIRUS etc.) call on ERIC Archivage to design DMS connectors.

ERIC Archivage thus specialises in the new challenges of e-government and interconnection within local authorities.

1995: ERIC Archivage reinforces its partnership with Canon France by distributing its range of professional scanners.

1992: “The beginning of the digital age”. ERIC Archivage moves towards Electronic Document Management System (DMS)

As digital technology advanced, ERIC Archivage, publisher of the MULTIGEST software, focused its range on Document Management System, offering its customers the possibility of migrating microfilm archives to fully digital systems (storage on digital optical discs).

ERIC Archivage also moved towards professional scanning through its partnership with Canon.

Success came quickly, with many diverse and independent DMS applications, from managing incoming paper mail to archiving administrative documents, invoices, orders, delivery notes etc.

The MULTIGEST Document Management Software was enhanced with new features in response to requests from customers and developments in information technology.

1985: Invention of the TRIDEX system

Given the large volumes of microfiche in existence, Patrick Fhal quickly realised there was a growing need for systematic ways of organising, classifying and searching for information.

The management of the Journal Officiel in Paris, faced with this problem in dealing with tens of thousands of microfiches (legal texts and decrees), called on ERIC Archivage.

ERIC Archivage designed the first computer-assisted electronic filing system, the “TRIDEX cabinet”, which established the company’s reputation worldwide. The MULTIGEST software was then created to supervise and manage TRIDEX electronic filing cabinets.

This revolutionary system was marketed by major companies: Bell+Howell, Regma, Canon…

Hundreds of customers, mostly government bodies and major companies, chose the system.

 1982: Foundation of ERIC Archivage

Founded in 1982, the company ERIC Archivage (Etude Réalisation Industrielles Commerciales – industrial and commercial studies and development) initially focused on micrographics (transferring paper documents to microfilm).

Patrick Fhal, its founder, forged a partnership with Canon France and distributed its range of micrographics products (microfilm viewers, cameras and copiers).