Paperless file


MULTIGEST operates on the basis of “folders”, which are well suited to the management of activities where it is useful to assemble a set of documents relating to a particular person, customer, partner, local resident etc.

This folder-based operation has the advantage of limiting the work of classifying DMS information – this is done at folder level, and the classification is then “inherited” by all the documents in the folder. Searching is carried out at folder level and then visually within each folder.

The documents that constitute a folder (quotations, orders, invoices, delivery notes, letters, payslips etc.) are scanned, sorted and indexed, either automatically by the bar code or OCR system or by manual entry. Updates take place whenever a new document arrives. The folder can be searched and viewed in real time.

All the document information about a person or entity is thus available in a few clicks.

Bar code-based classification

Reduced searching and viewing times

Productivity benefits

Improved quality and customer relations

Secure, centralised archiving

There are many examples of the use of the folder-based model:

  • Customer folder: specifications, contracts, quotes, orders, invoices, disputes
  • HR folder: employment contract, payslips, disciplinary record
  • User folder: marital status, requests, procedures etc.

In the case of the HR folder, note the possibility of automatically importing payslip “spools”, cut up into individual slips and filed in each person’s folder. The print spool files are imported, indexed and classified monthly by the Document Management System. This process is very fast: 50,000 pages/hour. Previous payslips in paper form can be scanned and imported into the DMS. Searches can be carried out for monthly payslips or across all an employee’s payslips (career history).