Managing customer documents electronically at DIAGNOSTIQUEURS DE FRANCE

Interview with Cyril Dray of Diagnostiqueurs de France by Efalia in January 2013

What is the usefulness of an DMS solution in SaaS mode such as NOA Gest for a company like yours?

My main activity is to identify and promote property inspection companies throughout France in order to put them in contact with end clients. This activity generates large numbers of documents, particularly when we identify companies, as we request a full set of documents (legal documents, brochures, references etc.). My paper archives were beginning to overflow from my filing cabinets, so I decided to digitise all these customer files. The first requirement was thus an electronic Document Management System (DMS) solution to handle all the digitised documents.

Why choose a hosted solution rather than buying a licence?

To be totally honest, my initial choice was to buy a licence and install it internally on one of our servers. But after talking to Efalia, the NOA Gest solution in SaaS mode appeared more suitable, and above all simpler in terms of infrastructure management for an SME like mine (no need to buy servers, no issues of application obsolescence, an economical solution and budgetary control through a rental agreement).

Weren’t you worried about outsourcing your digital data?

Of course the issue of data security is fundamental, but the data centre where the NOA Gest application is hosted is the IBM data centre in Montpellier, one of the most secure in France! When it comes to outsourcing, 200 years ago people used to put their money in a safe which they hid at home. Then they decided to entrust their safe to a service provider with a secure room. Now, with modern banking, they have changed their behaviour. They put their money in a bank in electronic form and pay for the service. Today, SaaS also means entrusting your data to a back-up professional.

Has the solution lived up to your expectations?

Completely. The software itself is very intuitive, and after two days of services from Efalia (configuration, training etc.) my staff and I manage our electronic documents completely independently. As the software is provided in hosted mode, I have nothing to worry about! All the maintenance, infrastructure management and upgrades are taken care of by the publisher!


Cyril Dray
Diagnostiqueurs de France

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