Efalia group product vision:

Efalia is a software publisher in the field of document and process management.

The company was founded nearly 40 years ago, and innovation is an integral part of its DNA, from the time of microfiches stored in an electronic cabinet, to the ECM 4.0, not to mention the first full Web ECM at the beginning of the millennium.

Historically, the story of Efalia has therefore been about document management. But at the dawn of radical upheavals which are taking place through digital transformation of organizations, the question now arises about what skill set should be acquired to meet all the needs of our customers.

The group has decided to opt for acquisition of the best business and technological skills in order to broaden the range of solutions it can offer its customers. Efalia has therefore chosen external growth, to find the nuggets that will complete its core business offering. The advantage of this approach is that we obtain the best there is, and we acquire not only a technology, but also something which is just as important, the business skills that go with it.

In this context, the group’s current ECM solution called Version 9, was built to provide the best possible response to its users’ needs over the last 10 years. However this meant the foundation was not sufficiently transversal to accommodate solutions as diverse as an electronic safe, electronic signature, a BPM or indeed a CRM. Certainly the effort required to transparently integrate all these solutions would have been at least the same as that required to recast this foundation.

So, in keeping with its history of innovation, Efalia therefore decided to recast the foundation of the ECM, enabling it to be extended more naturally to accommodate the multiple services that we need to provide.

This is a long-term investment choice, which will enable us to make use of the best technologies available to built this completely new ECM platform.

Since this choice has long-term implications, it is important to be capable of managing the transition properly, to avoid making our current customers wait without being able to satisfy their current needs. That is why we have built powerful connectors that enable all of our current solutions to communicate, interact and therefore to cover a very wide range of services.

In addition, a large proportion of our R&D resources (roughly 40%) is devoted to enhancing the current solution, which will continue to provide services to our customers for many years.

What will change tomorrow will be the technological foundation. The user interfaces will be designed in light of the latest types of use (and in collaboration with our customers), and will also be made more homogeneous from one solution to another. Administration of the solutions will no doubt be more homogeneous as well.

But the overall approach will remain the same, i.e. a document management foundation and optional modules that will enrich this foundation (nowadays these are known as micro-services).

So when you take possession of Efalia solutions today, you are choosing integrated solutions. Their long-term continuity in the future is already assured, and in addition you are certain to benefit from the best technologies of the future.

It is the role of a publisher not to rest on their laurels and to continue investing to ensure that their solutions are the most secure and reliable. We have always believed this to be the case. It is worthwhile making this clear so that your investments and our collaboration can continue in a spirit of transparency in the long-term.