Hello everybody,

As we approach the end of year holidays, we are delighted to share some information with you and conclude 2019 on a high note.

With the acquisition of an electronic signature solution, Contrat-Privé, Efalia becomes autonomous in this domain while remaining connected to the other solutions on the market. Our philosophy remains the same, to take the best in each domain, but keep all our solutions open to our customers’ ecosystems.

This acquisition is part and parcel of our overall strategy to consolidate the security of our solutions, to standardize and anticipate future demands from law-makers. We were ready for GDPR, we will be ready for the next steps.

At the end of this year we have also been able to strengthen our presence in the district councils in France, with 76 of these councils now using our solutions. Of course this strong presence brings with it responsibilities. That is why we have deployed the first file transfer platform for the MDPH disability support offices, with the approval of their supervising authority (the CNSA). This platform makes it possible to automatically transfer end-user files from one district to another when a person moves house. This initiative has been a great success, and encourages us to imagine other interdepartmental services for customers in these districts (and organizations working in the social sphere).

Naturally our actions have also continued in other fields, in particular with the installation of our 6TZen teleservices portal for new customers, who came to our users’ club in Paris to express their satisfaction. This solution aims to further improve the services provided to end-users and to our customers, by enabling them to interface with administrations from home. It has an important role to play in district councils, local administrations and central organizations.

It was these fundamental actions working with our customers in the public domain that motivated Cegid Public (now renamed eksaé) to choose Efalia as THE ECM for its customers. We are now delighted to start this new partnership adventure, and we wish Eksaé every success. We are determined to continue setting up partnerships with publishers and integrators in 2020 to provide our customers with even better services.

In parallel, we are continuing our investments in the R&D domain. This is how we can persuade private companies to entrust us with implementing the whole of our software suite, making it possible to process the whole document chain in an optimal manner. This was the case recently for example with Seico, a leading light in advanced electronics, who chose us to bring to life their digital transformation from within.

We do not get carried away with these success stories, they do not encourage us to remain static, on the contrary they motivate us to do more, to keep investing in people and technology, trying to see what kind of publisher we will be in 2030.

But before that, we are also going to take advantage of the Christmas holidays to relax, recharge the batteries, and the ideas box too which is constantly filling up. We want to get ready for a year 2020 that will be just as exceptional as the year that is coming to an end.

So I'm taking this opportunity to wish all of you and your loved ones wonderful end-of-year holidays. We look forward to working together with you next year in our new digital adventures.

PASCAL CHARRIER, Managing Director of Efalia