Intuitive Document Management Software:

MULTIGEST© is an easy-to-use Document Management System (DMS) system with legal value. It manages and archives all the company’s documentary information: files of all formats, paper documents of all formats, office files, e-mails, print spools, microfilm archives etc. Paper documents can be scanned using production scanners or multifunction printers.

The classification scheme reproduces conventional paper filing (cabinet/folder/document) in virtual form, while offering multi-criteria searches across the whole database so that information can be found easily wherever it is filed.

MULTIGEST is one of the first DMS solutions with a fully web-based architecture, making it easy to deploy – all you need to capture and access documents is a simple web browser.

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MULTIGEST offers all the functions of an advanced Document Management System :

  • Automatic document capture and classification
  • Multi-criteria full-text searching
  • Document processes
  • Document life cycle management
  • Traceability and versioning
  • Security and authorisation management

Building on a full set of document standards, the MULTIGEST WEB DMS solution is developed with a focus on compliance and the ambition to offer a tool that will satisfy the requirements of integrity, fidelity and traceability for all your documents.

MULTIGEST V9 resolves various document management problems and creates broad standards for applications such as  mail management, press reviews, supplier invoices, delivery notes, payslips, technical files, orders etc.

MULTIGEST Server operates in a Windows environment, which can be virtualised, and on any client workstation with a web browser.


EDM solution scheme EFALIA Multigest


Catch :

Control over all makes of A4/A3 production scanners (ISIS/TWAIN drivers) and connected digital copiers (eCopy connector), integrated management of Microsoft Office and OpenOffice files, importation and archiving of e-mails and attachments.

Classification and Indexing :

Automatic classification using bar codes, indexing and classification wizard, filing tray management, full-text indexing via zone-specific OCR (Optical Character Recognition) , indexing, hierarchical classification and themes, dictionary of keywords (pull-down lists)

Compatibility :

MULTIGEST V9 has been developed to comply with the HTML5 standard, making the solution compatible with all browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.) on all PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones.

Collaborative tools :

Collaborative working is made easier by the use of simple tools such as the smart viewer, which can annotate image documents. MULTIGEST can also set up “document portfolios”, which notify the people responsible for documents whenever modifications are made to them. Finally, the document workflow module enables you to model the company’s document processes, implement them in the solution and supervise them in detail using control panels.

Transversality :

Multigest V9 conserves the virtual filing cabinet structure that hugely simplifies the administration of your document database and user training, but you can also combine these filing cabinets in meaningful ways to avoid duplicating information shared between several areas of your business. For example, you could create a Companies cabinet containing documents defining your customers, suppliers, users etc. (identity, registration, bank details and so on). . This cabinet could be linked to departmental cabinets such as Accounts, Sales or HR. Multi-cabinet searching gives authorised people access to all the documents in the database corresponding to a given company. This feature preserves MULTIGEST’s ease of administration and use while extending its ability to manage all your organisation’s documentary information.

Interopérability :

Interoperability is not just a feature or a module in MULTIGEST: it is part of its DNA. MULTIGEST has been used for years in close interconnection with other business software. This ability to communicate is extended still further in MULTIGEST V9 through the adoption of CMIS standard web services, enabling MULTIGEST to dialogue simply with any other software solution with no additional investment from you. You can choose the best solutions for each individual requirement and make them communicate.

Search :

Searching by label, theme, keyword, amount, address, date, full text… and searching based on the hierarchical classification scheme.

Security and Access :

The software is accessed using a login and a password, with an optional connection to your LDAP/AD.

Multilanguages :

And you can share these processes with your colleagues abroad!  MULTIGEST V9 is multilingual.

Traceability :

Traceability and version management in accordance with current standards.

Period of validity :

Management of each document’s retention period, which is defined when the Document Management System is set up and determines what will ultimately happen to each document (destruction, conservation by an external service etc.).