Managing dialysis records with MULTIGEST’s ADR module at AVODD

Interview with the association AVODD by Efalia in November 2012

AVODD is a dialysis association in the Toulon region with about 275 members.

The problem resolved by MULTIGEST was how to archive its dialysis records, previously on paper only, as automatically as possible.

AVODD chose the MULTIGEST Web solution with its ADR module to automatically read three fields from its records to enable automatic classification. After using the system for a year, AVODD answered our questions:

Are you satisfied with the implementation of MULTIGEST to scan and archive your dialysis records?

Yes, absolutely. It is a simple, clear solution that has enabled us to digitise all our dialysis records easily. The automatic recognition of certain fields has been a very efficient tool for accelerating the job of classification.

What is the main advantage of this solution?

Searching for documents is instant, whereas before we had to find the right document in our paper filing cabinets.

What are the pitfalls to avoid?

The recognition of these fields is so convenient that we would like it to work 100% of the time, but unfortunately this is not the case. We have to be careful with the outgoing print quality and monitor the configuration of the fields. Support from the software publisher is very important in this case.

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