Electronic signature solution


MG-Sign, the online

signature platform

  • Submit your document (contract, proposal, order etc.)

    Submit your documents and identify the signatories (full name, mobile number and email address). The online signature process begins.

  • The designated signatories sign the document online

    The signatories receive an email alert. They access MG-Sign and view the documents. They sign using a unique code sent by text message.

  • They retrieve the signed contract from the platform.

    The signatories are informed by email that they can retrieve the contract. The documents are signed and time stamped electronically. They are self-sufficient and their reliability can be checked by anyone with the document and a PDF reader.

Signature portal

MG-Sign is an online document signature tool for all public and private-sector organizations, associations and individuals:

  • The MG-Sign signature is more reliable than a handwritten signature,
  • The MG-Sign signature is as fast as an email,
  • Test it now – the first 10 signatures are free!

MG-Sign saves time on signature workflows with no risk. Streamline your exchanges with third parties by switching to electronic signatures.

Sign from within your applications

MG-Sign provides an API allowing you to integrate all the signature features into your business processes, your document management system or your ERP solution, with total transparency for your users.

All the Efalia group’s solutions offer integration with MG-Sign:

Invent new services based on exchanges with your customers, suppliers and partners using a tried and tested component for signing documents electronically.

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Sign your documents naturally