Managing document information in the Document Management System

Your DMS will enable you to MANAGE your document information throughout its lifetime:

  • During the active life of the document, the Document Management System provides PROCESSES (or workflows) for circulating documents in order to complete/modify their indexing or content, generate additional documents (a reply to a letter), decide on validation or refusal (invoice) etc.
  • At the end of the document’s life, the DMS allows you to decide what will be done with it (destruction, transfer to a different medium).
  • First index is more easily found by all users increasing again saving time.

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Catch & Classify

The first step in a document process involves capturing document information in all its forms: paper, files of all types, e-mails. This capture must be accompanied by a classification or indexing process so that the information can be managed appropriately: lifetime, validation, searching and archiving processes.

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This is the primary function of any Document Management System. It means being able to find the right version of the document you are looking for, without being submerged by an unwanted deluge of other documents, and then if necessary being able to access other documents related to the initial document.

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Your Document Management System will enable you to MANAGE your document information throughout its lifetime:
=> During the document’s active life, the Document Management System offers PROCESSES (or workflows)…

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MULTIGEST offers several tools for “signing” a document, giving the action several different levels of legal validation.

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Going paperless involves transforming physical information media (generally paper documents) into computer files (bringing the dream of the “paperless office” to life).

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A Document Management System solution such as MULTIGEST is designed to manage documents throughout their active lifetime or retention period.

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