Mail management


EPISTO is a preconfigured version of the MULTIGEST dedicated to mail handling.

EPISTO manages all your mail, both physical (paper) and electronic (e-mail, fax), from arrival to final archiving. EPISTO offers a variety of indexing and classification options to enable you to find your information easily. The tool models and simplifies your mail management using a simple yet powerful collaborative workflow engine, helping you to take control over mail processing times. Finally, it manages the archiving of your documents according to the standards in force.

EPISTO is a fully web-based solution that is very simple to install and use.

EPISTO complies with the MARIANNE charter and the NF Z 42 013 standard.

Mail management

Mail management objectives

EPISTO enables you to achieve the goals that you set when deciding to invest in mail management software:

  • Limiting the physical circulation of paper mail
  • Controlling the time taken to respond to any incoming request
  • Finding any letter and the associated information quickly
  • Archiving all letters and folders according to the standards and regulations in force.

Mail management technology and scalability

EPISTO is a fully web-based solution, accessible from any workstation connected to the Internet according to the authorisations defined by the solution’s administrator. The solution uses the industry-standard Java/MySQL/Apache technologies.

EPISTO is based on the MULTIGEST engine, a widely used, tried and tested document management system. Choosing EPISTO thus offers a flexible, economical way of evolving towards a full DMS (Document Management Software) solution to control all the organisation’s documents and information, going beyond mail alone.

Mail management features

EPISTO offers all the functions you need from a mail management solution:

  • Eliminating paper mail: EPISTO can scan all paper information directly into the software. It works with almost all the scanners on the market. The information is stored directly in either filing cabinets or filing trays.
  • Mail indexing: All mail is indexed for fast and efficient searching.

EPISTO offers several options for indexing and classifying mail during scanning: manual indexing, use of bar codes, optical character recognition (OCR) for volume mail.

  • Mail classification: Varied options for classifying mail, which can adapt to any organisation: filing cabinets, classification schemes and permission fields are all ways of refining or simplifying the architecture of your mail organisation.
  • Mail processing: Mail processing (distribution, validation, response): mail processing workflows are controlled by the tool, enabling response times to be controlled.
  • Mailings: EPISTO offers document templates and enables recipients to be selected from the tool’s contact database.
  • Legal archiving: EPISTO manages retention periods for everyday and administrative purposes for all documents, so that they can then be transferred to internal or external archiving systems if there is a legal archiving requirement. MULTIGEST is 100%-compliant with the French SEDA protocol for archive data exchange.

Mail management user references
EPISTO is based on the MULTIGEST engine configured for mail management. MULTIGEST is used by over 1000 customers, including 40 district councils, many town halls and private companies in all sectors (transport, industry, banking, insurance, retail).