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Finance and accounting are perhaps the areas best suited to electronic document management system, for several reasons:

They generate and receive large quantities of paper documents

They are governed by important, complex validation processes

They are subject to demanding accounting standards.

The solutions offered by Efalia meet all your accounting needs, thanks in particular to the native interoperability of our software, the core of our business and our expertise.

Interoperability at the heart of Efalia’s paperless operations

The ability of our Electronic Document Management System (DMS) solution to interface with other applications used in the company is a crucial feature, and especially in accounts, because almost all accounts departments already have their own accounting software

The MULTIGEST solution is now interoperable with the Sage ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, the market-leading business system. Thanks to its universal connector, MULTIGEST is also natively interoperable with many other integrated business management packages. In concrete terms, this means you can view any archive directly from your business software, automatically classify documents from your business or ERP system in your DMS repository or even automatically read your supplier invoices (with the Automatic Document Recognition module) and extract the information needed by the accounts department.

This interoperability makes it much easier to implement paperless operations in your organisation and contributes to the ease of use that has made our reputation. It is simple to process large numbers of supplier invoices in a short time and quickly access the right document.

Legal compliance

The legal standards governing business archiving and accounting have evolved in the last five years. The MULTIGEST solution from Efalia enables you to guarantee the fiscal and legal value of the information you generate thanks to its compliance with the NF Z 42-013 (document classification and associated risks) and NF Z 42-020 (the definition of an electronic safe) standards.

MULTIGEST’s unique traceability also makes internal audits much easier. You will know exactly who has looked at which documents and under which conditions. You will have total access to all your accounting documents, for security equal to any challenge.


The role of a sales representative is one in which mobility, responsiveness and professionalism are important or even essential in achieving successful results. Having the right versions of documents at the right time, regardless of distance or location, is a major requirement of the job.

The right information at hand

A visit to a customer or potential customer leaves no room for mistakes. Sales representatives must be able to access full information about the customer in order to adapt their approach and immediately know the requirements they need to respond to. They also need to know the history of the relationship between their company and the customer in order to identify and anticipate potential changes in their orders.

The MULTIGEST solution from Efalia can not only synchronise customer documents across the whole sales team, while managing access and changes to documents; it also centralises storage, making it easy to access the right sales documents (signed up-to-date contract, quote, order and invoice) at the right time.

Mobility, an Efalia commitment

Meeting your customers’ needs as closely as possible requires a good understanding of the problems they face. Sales representatives need to visit their customers regularly to identify and define their needs and expectations with them.

Access to information and the right documents thus needs to be possible wherever the sales representative is, and whatever the state of the Internet connection.

MULTIGEST is available on smartphones and tablets: you can view a document or confirm a workflow step from your mobile device, with the interfaces adapted to the smaller screen size.

Another mobility solution is Efalia’s portable export feature: access from anywhere at any time to all the documents mobile users need. They can now retrieve folders in order to view or edit them in autonomous, off-line mode, with the same user interface as if they were on-line.

The documents created or edited are then automatically synchronised with the MULTIGEST database later, when they are reimported into the software.


Leading either an SME or a major corporation requires good vision. First, a clear vision of the company’s industry, the market in which it operates and the best strategy to follow. Then a vision of the company itself, your production costs and the methods to adopt in order to reduce them and thus lower the price of the services or products you sell.

Cutting costs

The electronic document management solutions offered by Efalia enable you to cut costs drastically, optimise the efficiency of your teams and gain a clear vision of the processes around which your company is organised.

Paperless operation enables you first of all to reduce or even eliminate the space dedicated to storing your archives. The tools we provide reduce the time needed to process and manipulate documents. This time can then be spent on your core business, rather than wasted on filing and archiving.

Controlling processes

Our document workflow module enables you to model the operation and processing of your documents, and above all to standardise processes across all your teams using detailed tables of indicators.

Our tools thus give senior managers a clear view of the processes taking place within the company, with control panels enabling them to track critical and strategic documents in total security from any location. You can monitor how all the documents entered into the document management process evolve and are shared and modified using our tracking tools.


Industrial production operates under heavy constraints. Quality monitoring, stock control, procurement problems and supplier payments are all challenges facing production departments in large companies.

Efalia’s paperless solutions offer significant time savings in terms of procurement, while enabling optimum quality monitoring through secure collective access to production documents.

DMS, cutting the time needed to enter production documents

Managing a manufacturing company involves completing, modifying, monitoring, filing and archiving huge numbers of documents, especially in companies dealing with large volumes, such as suppliers to supermarkets.
Above a certain volume, the electronic management of commercial documents (invoices, order forms, delivery notes) becomes essential. This is especially the case if the organisation and its production sites are distributed over a wide area: thanks to the centralised storage offered by the MULTIGEST fully web-based solution, tracking documents relating to procurement from suppliers and deliveries to customers can be centralised and accessible from any site in total security.

Finally, paperless solutions make it possible to automate payment incident handling by reconciling invoices with payment files sent by customers, improving the efficiency of recovery operations.

Better quality monitoring

Centralised storage makes finding the right version of a customer order quick and easy. Quality monitoring is also made easier by sharing production order documents and product technical specifications and by real-time revisions to procedures.

Efalia’s MULTIGEST DMS system enables customers to control the structure and architecture of the tool and ensure that procedures are being followed at every stage of production.

Finally, the simplicity of installation, the ease-of-use of the tool and the responsiveness of our teams are seen by our customers as deciding factors in choosing our solution, particularly in the field of manufacturing, where the means of production cannot be immobilised for too long. The adaptability of MULTIGEST is one of its greatest strengths for manufacturers.


The IT department plays a central role in implementing tools designed to improve the operation of the company across all its divisions. It is also frequently responsible for building, classifying and structuring the archives within a company. The IT department thus has the most to gain in terms of process optimisation.

MULTIGEST, a collaborative tool

While electronic Document Management Software is traditionally viewed as a simple tool for classifying paper archives in order to save space and improve productivity, this is a fairly reductive vision when you consider all the potential offered by the tool.

Beyond this “basic” storage function, DMS can be used to establish complete document processes to optimise the company’s operation. MULTIGEST is fundamentally a collaborative system thanks to its fully web-based architecture, and it also offers a variety of tools for supporting teamwork, starting with a high-performance viewer that can add notes and comments to documents, notification functions, working folders that identify the documents a particular person is involved with and a workflow module for modelling processes graphically.

The tool adapts perfectly to all your staff’s business requirements, and unites all your company’s activities in a single tool.

Streamlined installation

Thanks to its universal connector, the MULTIGEST tool is easy to adapt to most business software. Meanwhile, the full-web pack can be deployed extremely quickly, with easy adoption by all your staff. Based entirely on-line, this solution also enables simpler administration and easier remote maintenance by our teams.

One or two days of training are usually enough to present the MULTIGEST solution and its various automated processes to all your staff. Once these processes are in place, administering and maintaining the system is usually straightforward and requires very little time.

For an IT department, MULTIGEST is a win-win choice: a very broad range of features that cover all the organisation’s needs, compliance with regulatory standards and a simple interface that users will have no trouble getting to grips with.


Due to its inherently interdisciplinary nature, quality management needs tools that can easily be shared, revised and secured across all the staff of a company. In its constant quest for compliance with regulatory standards, process improvement and production quality, the quality management function involves ceaselessly planning, developing, checking and adjusting the procedures in place in the company.

The Document Workflow solution: the circulation and monitoring of quality documents

The Document Workflow module included in the MULTIGEST solution addresses the needs of quality managers, enabling quality documents to be circulated quickly (control charts, flowcharts, certification manuals etc.) and permanent control to be maintained (reading, approval, modification, validation or acknowledgements of receipt).

This means you can ensure your colleagues are complying with the quality approach in real time using the workflow’s tracking sheet, which contains all the information about the workflow: list of people involved, tasks allocated, time allowed for each task etc. The tracking sheet automatically documents the follow-up of processes, corrective actions etc.

In addition, MULTIGEST presents detailed control panels for the supervision of quality processes.

The Workflow solution thus provides optimum traceability for all your quality documents.

Take back control of time

Thanks to its native interoperability with your integrated management software, the MULTIGEST module fits naturally into your IT system and interfaces with all the functions of your company.

For example, you can couple the validation of your quality documents to your reverse schedules and control the validity dates of your documents. Using the Workflow module, you can collaborate on document tracking and automate a number of tasks, such as validation alerts, follow-up letters if procedures are not followed on time and of course the archiving or deletion of quality documents according to the procedure you have defined.


The challenges associated with managing documents are fundamental to the HR function. Controlling the whole document chain is a vital necessity in order to guarantee the company’s legal and regulatory compliance.

All the many documents that punctuate an employee’s career need to be managed: employment contracts, payslips, leave requests, training applications and letters. Most have crucial legal value and are highly confidential, not to mention the need for signatures binding both parties.

Managing these documents electronically enables you to secure them physically and make them available simply and securely to anyone with authorisation.

The authorisation or signature processes can also be managed electronically, eliminating the circulation of paper within the organisation.

In the case of payslips, they can be captured automatically into the EDM system via payroll software and then incorporated into the employee’s individual folder. If necessary, employees can be given access to their own documents, either directly through MULTIGEST or through a document distribution portal.