The IT department plays a central role in implementing tools designed to improve the operation of the company across all its divisions. It is also frequently responsible for building, classifying and structuring the archives within a company. The IT department thus has the most to gain in terms of process optimisation.

MULTIGEST, a collaborative tool

While electronic Document Management Software is traditionally viewed as a simple tool for classifying paper archives in order to save space and improve productivity, this is a fairly reductive vision when you consider all the potential offered by the tool.

Beyond this “basic” storage function, DMS can be used to establish complete document processes to optimise the company’s operation. MULTIGEST is fundamentally a collaborative system thanks to its fully web-based architecture, and it also offers a variety of tools for supporting teamwork, starting with a high-performance viewer that can add notes and comments to documents, notification functions, working folders that identify the documents a particular person is involved with and a workflow module for modelling processes graphically.

The tool adapts perfectly to all your staff’s business requirements, and unites all your company’s activities in a single tool.

Streamlined installation

Thanks to its universal connector, the MULTIGEST tool is easy to adapt to most business software. Meanwhile, the full-web pack can be deployed extremely quickly, with easy adoption by all your staff. Based entirely on-line, this solution also enables simpler administration and easier remote maintenance by our teams.

One or two days of training are usually enough to present the MULTIGEST solution and its various automated processes to all your staff. Once these processes are in place, administering and maintaining the system is usually straightforward and requires very little time.

For an IT department, MULTIGEST is a win-win choice: a very broad range of features that cover all the organisation’s needs, compliance with regulatory standards and a simple interface that users will have no trouble getting to grips with.

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