Invoice management using the MULTIGEST DMS solution

Saisie Clic is a young company working in the field of invoicing for hospitals and clinics. Its role involves entering all the relevant information from the presentation issued by the care facility into its customer invoicing system.

Interview with Fabienne Blanchard, director of Saisie Clic, by Efalia in July 2011


How did you choose the MULTIGEST solution from Efalia?

I had wanted to acquire a tool to automate certain data entry tasks for some time. But this is an area where solutions are often very costly, beyond the means of a medium-sized company, for an uncertain result. So I met Efalia, who offered a simple, affordable product, with the goal of automating only those tasks for which the return on investment would be both certain and very quick.

What did Efalia do for you?

They carried out a brief preliminary audit to define our needs, and then they supplied and installed both the hardware, a Canon DR 9050C production scanner, and the software, the MULTIGEST V8 fully web-based Document Management Software with its ADR (Automatic Document Recognition) module.
In record time, less than four weeks, the ADR (Automatic Document Recognition) system of MULTIGEST was configured to suit our needs. A Canon DR 9050C production scanner was installed, enabling us to capture over 2000 invoices a day, index them automatically and import them into the MULTIGEST Web DMS. The documents can thus be accessed by all the operators responsible for the final processing of the documents (with the necessary authorisations, of course), wherever they are located. The system is fully operational for an affordable budget and helps us improve the quality (few data entry errors) and cost of our services.

Did the results live up to your expectations?

Absolutely! Even more than that. The implementation was very simple and quick. Today, we scan and index all our incoming documents with a very high recognition rate, over 90%. Our operators can then access all these documents wherever they are based, and can work under the best conditions. I am delighted with my investment.

Fabienne Blanchard

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