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Industrial companies have invested heavily in their production facilities and their software to conserve their competitiveness and their margins. And yet, although production processes are generally well managed by the information system, many documents and processes are still handled manually, with all the consequent cost, risk and loss of efficiency.

Compliance with regulations and improvements in customer satisfaction (ISO 9000) now require greater rigor in both document management and process control and tracking.


EFALIA Suite can provide
concrete responses for industry to help you:


and regulatory

document management

via our Document Control solution


Control over the quality system
in terms of both


Company performance
through improved:

  • Support processes,
  • Customer relations,
  • Supplier management,
  • Interdepartmental communication,
  • Lead times for launching new products.

Composition and production
of outgoing documents

  • The design of documents such as production orders is completed very quickly using the page background design module. Documents can then be easily read once printed and are perfectly suited to the production chain.
  • The production of bar code labels takes place very quickly via the electronic document composition software.

Examples of business solutions we can address using EFALIA Suite:

  • Approving new suppliers,
  • Delisting suppliers,
  • Launching new products,
  • Monitoring changes to products,
  • Creating a new product code,
  • Launching a marketing campaign,
  • Managing and validating financial bids,
  • Managing responses to calls for bids (GO/NOGO),
  • Managing customer complaints/actions/audits (ISO 9000).
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Manage your processes
and documents naturally