EFALIA Suite, the digital platform for HR

question bleue

How can you find an absence form or employee contract urgently when you need to?

question rouge

When a new employee arrives, how long does it take before they have all the resources they need to fulfill their new role, especially if their arrival was not anticipated?

EFALIA Suite, the digital platform for centralizing, processing and securing your employee data, from when they sign their contract until they leave the company.

Human Resources departments are having to equip themselves and modernize their working processes to help improve the overall competitiveness of their organizations in an environment of ever-stricter legal and regulatory demands. Meeting the needs of the market, human resources requirements and regulatory standards means constantly thinking ahead in terms of recruitment and training policy, optimizing the organization and its internal processes.

The benefits arising from the electronic management of HR documents and processes are many:



optimized hiring processes 

using fully electronic methods, including signatures.


time saving and improved efficiency 

thanks to the elimination of paper.


and greater security

in the creation and drafting of employment contracts.


better induction
for your employees

through an onboarding process.


employee tracking  

for better human resources and skills management: training, appraisals etc.


quality of service

thanks to HR processes accessible online: requests for training, leave, sickness absence etc.

the 360° secure
electronic HR file

With its folder-based approach, EFALIA Suite centralizes all an employee’s HR documents for secure management within an ECM solution. Employment contracts, CVs, sickness absence, payslips (generated automatically by our document composition solutions or your HR information system) are gathered together in the same folder. This enables immediate access to all the data associated with any of your employees.

Improve productivity by automatically importing payroll files, splitting them for each employee and filing them in individual folders.

  • No more distribution of payslips by hand or by mail,
  • Secure HR files,
  • Tightly controlled HR processes.

the digital HR office

EFALIA Suite, composition
of high-added-value
HR documents

Human Resources management involves producing, processing and managing multiple documents of all kinds: employment contracts, social security declarations, payslips, absence notes… EFALIA Suite offers a document composition module, APPIC, which integrates with all the main HR information systems on the market.


Manage your processes
and documents naturally