The advantages of document management for human resources departments

The challenges associated with managing documents are fundamental to the HR function. Controlling the whole document chain is a vital necessity in order to guarantee the company’s legal and regulatory compliance.

All the many documents that punctuate an employee’s career need to be managed: employment contracts, payslips, leave requests, training applications and letters. Most have crucial legal value and are highly confidential, not to mention the need for signatures binding both parties.

Managing these documents electronically enables you to secure them physically and make them available simply and securely to anyone with authorisation.

The authorisation or signature processes can also be managed electronically, eliminating the circulation of paper within the organisation.

In the case of payslips, they can be captured automatically into the EDM system via payroll software and then incorporated into the employee’s individual folder. If necessary, employees can be given access to their own documents, either directly through MULTIGEST or through a document distribution portal.

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