Managing HR files

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How can you find
an absence form or
an employee contract urgently when you need to?

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How can you share certain details, while keeping others confidential?

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How can you enable the training department to access an employee’s HR file and add a training certificate?

The digital employee file is the central tool for human resources management. It enables you to organize and manage all the documents needed to keep track of everyone in your organization in a personalized way.

Initialized as soon as en employee is hired, each person’s file contains the following elements from the start:

  • The employee’s identity: personal contact details, social security number etc…. with the associated documents (identity card, social security certificate, bank details etc.),
  • Hiring documents: hiring declaration, health insurance and pension scheme membership documents, employment contract, qualifications etc.

The file will be supplemented throughout the employee’s time with the organization:

  • Amendments to the employment contract,
  • Leave and absence requests,
  • Medical certificates and sickness absence documents,
  • Documents on preventing certain occupational risk factors,
  • Documents on training courses taken by the employee,
  • Data on annual appraisals (interview dates, objectives and reports),
  • Requests for salary advances,
  • All correspondence between the employee and the company (e.g. training requests, reasons for the company’s refusal etc.),
  • Any sanctions against the employee.

An ECM solution for managing employees’ digital HR files brings many benefits:

  • Immediate access to information about an employee,
  • A 360° view of the HR file,
  • Information sharing with other departments (qualifications and training courses etc.),
  • Restricted access to confidential information (occupational medicine and sickness absence etc.),
  • Controlled access to certain documents for clearly identified profiles (appraisal records, leave requests etc.).

Finally, when an employee leaves, the file is closed with the following additional elements:

  • The resignation letter or correspondence associated with the procedure for terminating an employment contract,
  • The balance of any accounts, signed by the employee, together with their certificate of employment,
  • The employment office registration.
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The HR file is available with a single click, up to date and secure.