EFALIA Suite, for accessible financial documents and tightly controlled legal processes

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Are you sure your financial processes and documents are sufficiently under control?

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Are invoices really only sent for payment if the service has been provided?

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Do all requests for expenditure follow the right procedure?

Administration and finance departments face enormous pressure to reduce the cost structure and channel the company’s energies towards its core activities. At the same time, external constraints relating to compliance and risk management are constantly intensifying.

This is combined with ever-increasing numbers of documents, sensitive data that is most often fragmented across various business applications, spreadsheets, files on shared hard disks or even locally on a single workstation. Similarly, many processes are industrialized solely through the exchange of files through email, creating the risk of errors, lengthening processing times, adding to workloads and increasing legal risks. 

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Consolidating and controlling documents, optimizing processes and ensuring data quality are essential in the smooth running of an organization in order to:


Reduce operational and regulatory risks


Improve internal productivity


Secure access 

EFALIA Suite offers administration and finance departments many measurable benefits every day thanks to rich, high-performance features: 

Document management

All the different administrative, legal, financial and other documents are filed in a single repository that is up to date, accessible and secure at all times. This is one of the goals of an ECM system. Documents are classified either manually or directly from within your business applications thanks to the many connectors offered by EFALIA Suite. 

Searching for a document is quick and simple, because you can focus your search on what you are looking for (procurement request, purchase order, supplier, customer, contract etc.) rather than where the document is stored. 


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Process management

Optimizing financial and administrative processes is essential to improve the organization’s performance. The EFALIA Suite BPM solution responds to these needs by offering the following benefits: 


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Reducing administrative costs 

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Reducing operational risks

informations precises

Precise financial information 

supplied at the right time to facilitate decision-making

eliminer inneficacité

Eliminating inefficiency

with immediate access to the right information

economie d'echelle

Economies of scale  

resulting from process standardization

mise en oeuvre acceleree

Accelerated implementation

of the new processes required in response to changes in the market, with no need for extra development

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Manage your processes and documents naturally