Finance and accounting are perhaps the areas best suited to electronic document management system, for several reasons:

  • They generate and receive large quantities of paper documents
  • They are governed by important, complex validation processes
  • They are subject to demanding accounting standards.

The solutions offered by Efalia meet all your accounting needs, thanks in particular to the native interoperability of our software, the core of our business and our expertise.

Interoperability at the heart of Efalia’s paperless operations

The ability of our Electronic Document Management System (DMS) solution to interface with other applications used in the company is a crucial feature, and especially in accounts, because almost all accounts departments already have their own accounting software

The MULTIGEST DMS solution is now interoperable with the Sage ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, the market-leading business system. Thanks to its universal connector, MULTIGEST is also natively interoperable with many other integrated business management packages. In concrete terms, this means you can view any archive directly from your business software, automatically classify documents from your business or ERP system in your DMS repository or even automatically read your supplier invoices (with the Automatic Document Recognition module) and extract the information needed by the accounts department.

This interoperability makes it much easier to implement paperless operations in your organisation and contributes to the ease of use that has made our reputation. It is simple to process large numbers of supplier invoices in a short time and quickly access the right document.

Legal compliance

The legal standards governing business archiving and accounting have evolved in the last five years. The MULTIGEST solution from Efalia enables you to guarantee the fiscal and legal value of the information you generate thanks to its compliance with the NF Z 42-013 (document classification and associated risks) and NF Z 42-020 (the definition of an electronic safe) standards.

MULTIGEST’s unique traceability also makes internal audits much easier. You will know exactly who has looked at which documents and under which conditions. You will have total access to all your accounting documents, for security equal to any challenge.

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