ECM solution

(Electronic Content Management)

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FileDirector, the solution for
managing documents, content and document flows

  • Multichannel capture

    FileDirector allows you to collect your documents simply and automatically, whether they are on paper, in emails, created digitally or taken from your other software and applications.

  • Security / GDPR

    FileDirector guarantees secure storage: certificate management, traceability, simple time stamping, GDPR compatibility

  • Content management

    FileDirector provides fine-grained control over access, document revision, traceability and process management using workflows and has interfaces for use with MS Office, SAP and MS Sharepoint

  • Cloud

    A certified Microsoft .Net Application available via the Azure cloud service, FileDirector can take care of all the documents in an organization, regardless of its size, sector and location.

FileDirector, a new document experience

FileDirector is a rich software platform that addresses all your needs in terms of content management, document management and information management. Its functions for document acquisition (collection, scanning, virtual printing), processing, searching, consultation and archiving enable any organization to put its digital transformation on a permanent footing and anticipate its future needs.

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Manage your processes
and documents naturally