The dematerialisation of paper archives CHS SEVREY

Project display:

Contact: Ms. Raphaele MERABET, Doctor in charge of archives

Presentation of CHS SEVREY:

CHS Sevrey mission support mental health disorders. It offers the population services and prevention equipment, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring for adults and children. Located 6 kilometers from Chalon-sur-Saône, on the Commune of SEVREY, its teams work on a territory divided into 4 pools health.

Its services provide SEVREY their activities but also on the entire territory. People who come to the CHS SEVREY are likely to benefit from taken diversified and adapted medical burden, as close to home.

The hotel has about 800 employees, including 40 doctors.

Project Background

The rapidly growing volume of paper archives raises the question of storage and security of it in 2005, with the imminent saturation of premises provided for this purpose. The project to digitize these archives is born, it ripened over a period of 2 to 3 years and sees its start in 2014 with the digitization of the first classothèque and the implementation of the DMS Multigest then.

The project objectives

The main objective was to limit the volume of paper records by scanning them. Better access to these documents was also a strong expectation on the part of actors whose activity lies not only on the main website of the CHS. Finally, improved access times for documentary information was awaited with the project.

The ability to connect with business tools used extensively by the CHS, namely CEPAGE for the creation of administrative records and CARIATIDE for the medical record was a strong requirement to streamline processes and improve the overall efficiency of the organization.

Choosing Archiv IT and Multigest

At the delivery scanning, CHS has retained the Archiv’IT society due to its proximity and excellent references in the field, especially for the treatment of classothèque the MDPH of Saone et Loire.

As for the DMS, choosing Multigest based on the following aspects:

-Partnership Hard with Archiv’IT

-Multigest Is a full web solution easy to deploy and use even for remote users.

-Multigest Offers several tools to easily connect to business tools, which was set up and CARIATIDE CEPAGE ave.

-Multigest Offers light, ergonomic interfaces that virtually reproduce the environment “paper” which is not a regular computer user: the grip and the appropriation is therefore facilitated.

The results

The first contacts took place in April 2014 for a start scanning in July and the start of production of the DMS in September. CHS chose to Multigest installed on its own servers (solution “on premisses”).

The Document Management System Multigest is used by about 330 people, including thirty who administer and are living documents, the other consultant, from business software. The 30 “super users” have received dedicated training, other users have been able to take over the solution to the user documentation provided.

The tool is considered intuitive and acceptability is high among medical staff.

The implementation of the tool has generated savings in the local archive, and save time for secretaries for access to documents.

Expected developments

An extension to other services may be considered.

Access on tablet will realize when the software will offer the CARIATIDE.