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EFALIA Suite helps you collect, store, organize, classify and give life to large quantities of documents and live data

As soon as a new project is launched, the engineering department and the other departments involved (sales, finance, legal affairs etc.) are bound by strict deadlines to ensure that contractual commitments are met.

Each project involves a high level of interaction between the different players involved (customer, project manager, engineering contractor etc.), generating multiple flows of information. Each exchange takes the form of documents and information that must respect the processes relating to contractual formalities and confidentiality rules.

This makes it essential to facilitate access to documents for all the stakeholders involved in the project and manage document and business processes (drafting, validation, approval, signature, circulation) while ensuring access is secure. The success of the project depends on controlling all these flows of information.

More than just an ECM system, EFALIA Suite is a Document Control solution that ensures documents are consistent and complete by intelligently managing the links between live data and sequencing documents. This allows you to orchestrate your document flows and track all exchanges of information to avoid any disputes.

EFALIA Suite offers a solution to facilitate project management dedicated to engineering.

EFALIA Suite enables you to collect, store, organize, classify and give life to large quantities of documents and live data. Its collaborative management functions facilitate exchanges between all the stakeholders involved in the document process, regardless of their location.

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