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Electronic signature,
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What is an electronic signature?

An electronic or digital signature is a technical and legal mechanism that enables the reader of a document to identify the person or organization that signed it – “Identification”. It also guarantees that the document has not been altered since it was signed – “Integrity”.

An electronic signature differs from a manual signature in that it is no longer visual; it is represented by a sequence of characters. An electronic signature system must respect conditions and standards defined and enforced by the European and French authorities (eIDAS). This means electronic signatures can be used for digital transactions with total confidence in compliance with the eIDAS regulations.

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What does the law have to say about electronic signatures?

Electronic signatures are covered by a precise European legal framework via the eIDAS regulation.

Electronic signatures have the same prerogatives and represent the signatory’s consent in the same way as handwritten signatures.

Electronic signatures go further than handwritten signatures in that they guarantee the integrity of the signed document. They thus provide additional security for all signing parties.

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What are the benefits of electronic signatures?

  • Have you ever had to get a document signed quickly?
  • Have you ever had to wait impatiently while a signed document is returned by mail?
  • Have you ever taken the risk of making do with emailed consent or a scanned document (which have no legal value)?

Paper contracts or agreements signed by hand involve cumbersome, time-consuming processes relating to printing and signing, either face-to-face or by mail.

Electronic signatures simplify the whole process and all physical flows. They enable you to sign documents online via a web interface, using well-known digital formats such as PDF. This means you can invite your customers, partners, suppliers and employers to sign documents online with total confidence. Electronic signatures are thus more reliable than handwritten signatures, and as quick as an email.

So sign your documents more simply, more quickly and with total confidence.

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