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Where is a specific document in the signature circuit?

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Has it been signed?
Where are the documents to be signed?

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Who has signed on somebody else’s behalf?

Improve your efficiency and security with an electronic signature tool for all your documents (contracts, leave requests, procurement documents, contracts etc.)


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Why choose an electronic signature tool?

An electronic signature tool with a document workflow is designed to replace the familiar cardboard folder for documents requiring signature and the traditional paper document circuits. Fully accessible from a web browser, it consists of digital filing trays (to-do lists), in which documents awaiting approval or signature are presented to the user.

Validation circuits are defined in advance by the functional administrator. These circuits may be hierarchical, or they can be determined by the user, who can choose all the people involved in the approval and signature process.


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The electronic signature tool offers advanced features including:

  • Automatic or assisted transfer to the right people.
  • Compliance with management rules (depending on amounts, document types, degrees of urgency, …).
  • Traceability of exchanges.
  • Management of delegation or substitutes (in the event of short or prolonged absence).
  • The option of changing a previous decision.
  • Functions to annotate a document directly, or by adding sticky notes via a form, to track discussions between the different people involved.
  • Monitoring dashboards to see immediately the statuses of the different signature processes taking place.
  • Email notification functions to inform users, either of the progress of their signature process or of an action that needs to be carried out.
  • Electronic signatures with legal value.

At the end of the initialing and/or signature process, the document can be stored and archived in the Enterprise Content Management system or sent to a secure portal.

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Workey Paraph provides the following benefits:

  • Shorter time scales for initialing and signatures
  • Optimized flow tracking
  • Secure processes
  • Reduced need for printing
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Manage your processes and documents naturally