Paperless Human Resources processes

with Efalia/Efolia solutions

Companies have no time to lose. They have to be efficient, responsive and relevant. All sectors of activity have now become highly competitive. Innovation must be a constant watchword.

After the move away from paper, which is just the first step in effective digitisation, comes the complete digitisation of all processes in order to achieve the goals of efficiency and speed that are essential for an organisation’s competitiveness.

This is all the more necessary in internal exchanges in order to benefit from the productivity increases that can guarantee a company’s long-term future.

In the field of human resources, the “HR folder” constitutes a major source of savings.

Every month, payslips are produced, printed out, enveloped, franked, copied, archived, searched for, mailed…

Contracts and amendments are regularly printed out and signed, with all the associated workload involving synchronisation, copying, filing… as well as the problems of managing deadlines, the risk of losing paperwork, version control, integrity checking, managing rights and authorisations…

Not to mention the costs inherent in distributing information to employees (memos, registered letters, internal regulations etc.) and the management of the economic and employment database, which involves checking and ensuring the information has been received and taken into account by all the right people.

Today, the management of certified electronic documents and archiving for legal purposes constitute the primary components needed to optimise these administrative processes. They guarantee the authenticity of a document’s issuer, the integrity of the document and the timing of exchanges.

Using electronic documents flexibly and with legal value means going beyond simple EDM and creating digital domiciles for all your employees.

The solution offered by Efalia/Efolia can create these environments in accordance with the legislation and automate the process of activating these digital domiciles.

Not only are these environments directly accessible via the Electronic Document Management tool; they also have their own access interface.

This makes it simple to manage any type of document, from just distributing information to handling multi-part contracts and electronic payslips.

An HR workflow included with the solution enables you to control the intervention of several people through a simple configuration, as in the case of signing a contract or amendment:

  • Electronic signature (multiple – asynchronous or in order)
  • Validation/initials (legal content…)
  • Acknowledging annotations
  • Monitoring progress on a file
  • Managing delays and reminders
  • Storage of legal evidence

Naturally, the process of obtaining prior consent imposed by the NF Z 42-025 standard, which must be given by the employee for payslips to be provided electronically, is included in the solution.

The digital domiciles provided to staff members are virtual offices offering complementary functions, such as:

  • a range of collectors for downloading and automatically classifying documents from various suppliers (telecoms, energy, banking, insurance, transport, e-commerce etc.) or institutions (social security, health etc.)
  • a space for sharing (temporary or permanent), where information can be made available to all employees (e.g. memos, organisational changes…), ensuring it is taken on board, with reminders if necessary

Exchanges of documents are covered by end-to-end traceability, guaranteeing that information is circulated in a controlled way and managing how long it is conserved.

The use of certified electronic documents and digital domiciles bring many benefits and advantages:

  • Automatic document archiving and classification
  • Reduction in costs: paper, envelopes, postage, dispatch to the post office… and associated time savings
  • Reduction in demand for copying
  • Reduction in constraints due to distance
  • Reduction in constraints associated with synchronising signatures on contracts and amendments
  • Reduction in archiving, handling and conservation costs
  • Reduction in disputes (guarantee of document integrity)
  • Quick, safe document routing

Our customers tell us they save 30% to 60%, generally seeing a return on their investment in four to eight months.

As a real alternative to the use of paper, the Efalia/Efolia solution meets all the challenges of digitising HR documents.

How it works:

You are Multigest users:

You buy the “digital domicile” and “electronic signature” modules for your employees.

You can then manage all your exchanges with your staff entirely electronically, including signing the employment contract, issuing payslips, amendments, sanctions sent by electronic certified or registered mail… right from the moment when a successful candidate signs the employment contract.

Documents can easily be sent by:

  • Upload
  • Virtual printer directly from your HRIS (via the File/Print function)
  • File interface (see diagram below)
Schéma du processus de dématérialisation

You are not Multigest users:

For contracts to be signed by several people, a simple initialling mechanism is provided to facilitate and accelerate the coordination of everyone involved.

You acquire the Multigest EDM system, which we configure for your HR documents by including the “digital domicile” and “electronic signature” modules for your employees.


EFOLIA – EDOC GROUP, Europe’s leading operator in exchanges of documents with legal value, has designed its portfolio of services and products to democratise access to new technology as a source of productivity and savings for all.

Digital domicile, secure exchanges, legal archiving, signatures, initials, process for collecting consent… we have all the tools and solutions companies need to begin or accelerate the transition to digital operations, regardless of the area they wish to target as a priority.