As our organisations grow increasingly “document-centric”, access to document information becomes a vital necessity, both for internal users and for external partners: users, customers, suppliers, service providers etc.

Without tools designed specifically to extend the Document Management System towards the exterior, we quickly find ourselves with inefficient or even dangerous solutions: sending huge e-mails that overload messaging systems, or even printing out documents that will only be re-scanned by their recipient!

With its document distribution portal, MULTIGEST enables you to provide your external contacts with the documents they need and are authorised to use while respecting the key principles of responsible document management:

  • Uniqueness of the document repository: providing access to the chosen document without making copies
  • Traceability for all document access and viewing
  • Security with regard to WHO distributes documents, WHICH documents are distributed, using specific authorisation, and WHO receives them (secure portal access, DMZ, reverse proxy)
  • Simplicity of the distribution interface, available via a simple web browser with no need for detailed knowledge of MULTIGEST.