Would you like an on-line demonstration

of our EDM software?

Regardless of the quality of our documentation, it can never replace a live demonstration.

This is why we give you the chance to discover our solutions without leaving your desk, by offering an on-line demonstration of the software of your choice.

The advantage of this approach is that you can benefit from a personalised demonstration lasting about an hour, during which you can ask any questions and even begin to configure a future application.

So why wait? Register now to choose the demo of your choice, following a talk with our advisor.

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  1. About an hour’s free time with your PC
  2. A high-speed Internet connection
  3. Complete the appointment form
  4. Arrange a telephone appointment to suit you when our advisor calls
  5. An e-mail address

Demonstration: at the arranged time, you will receive:

  1. An e-mail from our advisor containing a log-in link
  2. A telephone call from our advisor, who will remain on the line throughout the demonstration
  3. Our advisor will help you connect to his workstation
  4. The demonstration begins
  5. You benefit from a real personalised demonstration, with a chance to ask questions directly