Electronic management of delivery notes

The ability of a transport company to manage transport documents, including delivery notes and waybills signed by the recipient, is essential for traceability and the management of any future disputes.

In the case of paper delivery notes, one solution is to scan them daily at head office or in local branches, index them automatically by reading a bar code or OCR and classify them in MULTIGEST. The digital documents are then checked and made available in MULTIGEST, or even in your transport application if you have chosen our connector module. The documents can even be made available to your customers via the MULTIGEST portal.

While keeping the ability to retrieve your delivery notes, they are now indexed and searchable while saving space and search time.
The Electronic Management of Delivery Notes will improve your performance.


  • Automatic indexing by bar code or OCR

  • Management of missing delivery notes
  • Instant searching for documents across the network
  • Increased productivity
  • Archiving in a secure, centralised location