Maintenance in operational condition

In an DMS project, the phases of maintenance in operational condition are fundamental. They involve:


This corrects any bugs detected in the software. Bug reports submitted by the customer are handled by the software publisher’s development department.


This involves the publisher providing the end customer with any new minor or major versions of the software to improve its existing features and adapt it to changes in operating systems.

New minor version:

New minor versions may add new features, adapt the software to a change in the operating system (forward compatibility) or respond to new legal or regulatory requirements.
Minor upgrades of the standard MULTIGEST software where there have been no changes to the hardware or the Windows operating system will be provided free of charge (excluding services such as installation, training, carrying forward historical information or file processing).
Custom programming can be carried over at its original price as long as the new version allows.

New major version:

New major versions reflect a fundamental evolution in the software, offering a new technology, new coding, adaptation to a new operating system or software component on the market etc., and will be subject to new invoicing.


Customers can request a full range of additional on-site services, including technical support, installation, configuration, migration, data transfer, user and administrator training and custom development.

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“Our software incident tracking system, based on a web interface, is dedicated to handling your technical queries. It provides a means of declaring an incident and keeping you informed of progress on its resolution until it is finally closed.

A few advantages:

  • A single contact person receives and analyses your requests.
  • You are informed of the action taken to process the request.
  • A history of all your requests is recorded in your account, and you can refer to this if the problem recurs.
  • Immediate handling of fatal errors.

Always using this channel enables you to keep an eye on the responsiveness and effectiveness of our technical support. “

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