EDM connector

The ability of an Document Management System solution to interface with the other applications used in the company is a vital feature. Your business applications (ERP, sales management, CRM, accounts, HR etc.) are the tools you use every day to manipulate your organisation’s key information. The Document Management System needs to be a support tool that enables you to view the physical documents your business processes are based on. It has to be able to file your documents quickly and simply, analyse them if necessary, exploit the information they contain and give you access to them.

MULTIGEST is natively interoperable with a wide range of business tools thanks to its universal connector.

  • Firstly, the connector enables you to view your documents directly from inside your business software without having to re-enter a login or carry out a search in the DMS tool. For example, you can move directly from analysing an order in your sales management software to viewing the signed contracts on which the orders are based. You can thus check immediately that the terms of the contract have been respected.
  • The connector then allows you to file the documents produced in your business tools automatically in the Document Management System. They are printed in PDF format and then read and recognised automatically by MULTIGEST, which files them directly in the right folder and the right part of the classification scheme, avoiding the need for laborious manual filing.
  • Finally, when combined with MULTIGEST’s ADR (Automatic Document Recognition) module, the connector can AUTOMATICALLY READ your incoming documents (supplier invoices, CVs, complaints etc.), extract the relevant information and import it automatically into your tools. This automation results in considerable productivity gains very simply.

In particular, the universal connector complies with the international CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) specifications. It also offers additional tools in the form of an API and web services enabling it to adapt to many different situations.