Hello everybody.

We were all certain that our organization was agile!

Because of course, faced with the competition, new markets and regulations we had set up work processes to be agile and adapt. We had all created process maps, set up quality systems to fulfill these requirements, with the aim of having an information system aligned with business!

Then all of a sudden, due to the lockdown, every day we are discovering there are holes in the racket. Anne’s file is no longer transferred to Claire, because usually they work next to each other, and Anne just gives Claire the file.

The shared folder on the network is no longer shared because Vincent’s ISP at home doesn’t accept VPN. Paper mail is no longer distributed. Contracts are no longer being signed, and so people take the liberty of scanning a contract with a handwritten signature and emailing it, but unfortunately that has no legal value. We have all seen examples like this. A small problem, which in many cases blocks an entire process, slows everything down and costs money. This is the exact opposite of what we want to see during this difficult time!

At last, May 11 arrived and we can now get back to work using our agile processes. I hope this will be the case, but I don’t have a crystal ball, and like me you know that we will have to live through difficult times again, maybe for short periods, or maybe for a long time.

To anticipate, you must first understand and know where you are starting from. Each business or organization has its own individual plan for guaranteeing continuity of service.

It will also be necessary to reorganize outside your borders, because all the sectors of activity, whether in the business or social field, are linked and interconnected. It is no longer possible to only see your organization through the prism of your activity or department.

Our relationships with our customers, partners, suppliers, end-users are probably going to change, although certain behaviors linked to the situation will disappear. So how do we take account of these long-term changes? It’s going to be necessary to innovate in product and service offerings in order to fulfill new expectations.

Efalia won’t have an answer in all these areas, but it will be able to bring you solutions that are effective in every area relating to digitalization and computerization of your processes.

We possess a software suite that is capable of quickly dealing with the functional deficiencies that you have observed during this difficult period, and this applies to all public and private organizations.

So yes, preparation for the restart begins now, and EFALIA will give you all its support through its expertise and solutions. The restart must also take account of the possibility of another lockdown. We will be able to not only carry out short-term actions to quickly compensate for the shortcomings you will have identified, we will also work with you over the long-term to help you deploy a digital transformation which is becoming inevitable. The idea is no longer to jump on the bandwagon and follow the trend, but rather to adapt to the world of tomorrow.

ETIENNE PAILLARD, President of Efalia