Efalia discovers the Grail!

Digitalization at source is the ultimate goal. It has to be the objective of any ambitious digital transformation project. So we can assert the Efalia has found the grail since it acquired the 6Tzen company, specialized in digitalization portals, enabling a public or private sector organization to capture at source the flows of information from its partners, customers, citizens, end-users, etc.

The 6Tzen and its sophisticated back-office make it possible to a large number of demand. It is now connected to the other Efalia solutions ( BPM, ECM, ECM), instantly extending the horizons for your digitalization and document management projects.

Our customers and prospects confirmed they were interested in this solution at two events we organized recently:

    • The FileDirector users’ club, during which we presented the roadmap for this solution, with ever more powerful features embedded in its web client
    • The Documation trade fair where more than 200 guests witnessed our demonstrations and participated in the 2 conferences that we organized: one on the theme of automating drafting of employment contracts, the other on exactly the theme of implementing a portal to manage relations with citizens within a community.

With this new acquisition, EFALIA confirms its promise to bring you innovative, open and robust solutions enabling you to optimize your document processes.



Etienne Paillard,
President of Efalia