Electronic invoicing

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Suite can manage the whole
processing cycle for invoices, whether
on paper or in digital form.

Incorrect invoices, careless filing, weak validation processes, invoices paid late, invoices paid without proper approval etc.

Above a certain volume, the hazards associated with managing incoming supplier invoices can be a source of errors and wasted time and money for your company. Not to mention the legal and fiscal risks.

Yet invoices are essential in all transactions, despite being expensive to process and cumbersome to administer.
Using electronic supplier invoices can overcome many of these challenges, whatever the size of your organization.

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Invoice scanning and automatic recognition (ADR) (invoice header/footer and detail lines).

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Automatic filing in the supplier’s folder by the ECM solution.

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Data import into your accounts system using the connectors offered by EFALIA Suite to avoid manual data entry into your software.

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Reconciliation with the purchase order if necessary

Process Purchase to Pay.

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Informing the supplier of their invoice status (by email or through the EFALIA Suite portal).

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Automatic triggering of an invoice validation and approval workflow involving all the departments or employees concerned..

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Monitoring the progress of invoices through the workflow.

Transform this cost item into a profit center

  • Automate the direct entry of supplier invoices into your accounting system,
  • Take control of the invoice validation and approval process,
  • Optimize your cash flow with just-in-time payment,
  • Improve your supplier relations by paying within the contractual period,
  • Avoid follow-up from suppliers by providing reliable information about invoice statuses,
  • Manage disputes more quickly.

Many benefits for rapid return on investment

  • Increased productivity thanks to a completely digital process,
  • Secure, standardized validation processes for improved traceability,
  • An end to printing and copying.
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Manage your processes
and documents naturally