Invoice management


Supplier invoices

Supplier invoice management is an important process for most organisations. The process of receiving, checking, validating, accounting, paying and archiving invoices has often remained paper-based and time-consuming, with little scope for significant productivity increases.

Implementing an e-invoicing and DMS solution can automate certain tasks, model processes to make them standardised and measurable and finally reduce processing times and the risk of errors.

MULTIGEST enables you to:

  • Easily scan supplier invoices
  • Index (classify) invoices automatically or semi-automatically through the use of ADR
  • Supplement the indexing with a link to your accounting tool, or conversely transfer data captured from the invoice to the accounts.
  • Circulate the electronic invoice via a fully configurable validation workflow.
  • Access any invoice from anywhere, and even directly from the accounting software.

Customer invoices

Your accounts or ERP software only retains the DATA from your customer invoices, not the invoice documents themselves, which constitute the originals for tax purposes. It is thus vital to conserve these documents in their original form. The MULTIGEST Document Management System enables you to classify these documents quickly and conserve them in accordance with the standards and regulations in force.

MULTIGEST gives you the tools to:

  • Automatically collect issued invoices in a folder
  • Classify them through automatic document recognition (invoice no., customer no., etc.)
  • Retrieve them, either directly from the DMS or via your accounting software.