Electronic invoices and transport documents at ROXANE

Interview with Gilles de Poret, IT Manager at ROXANE, by Efalia in September 2013

Roxane is the French leader in spring water and mineral water, with leading brands such as Cristaline, Vichy, Saint Yorre, Thonon and Courmayeur.

Why did you consider deploying a digitisation and DMS solution ?

We operate in the distribution sector as a leading water supplier. The volume of our business is very high, as is the number of commercial documents we issue, receive, manage, archive etc. We issue over 350,000 invoices a year. Electronic operations quickly appeared essential to handle these volumes.

Do you only process invoices?

We also process all the delivery documents (delivery notes, waybills etc.). We deliver from 40 sites across the country, which are themselves linked to several administration centres. Paperless operations are essential to make this distributed structure efficient: the transport documents are scanned in batches, with automatic recognition of delivery notes, and are then accessible in our system.

Are there other advantages of electronic Document Management System ?

Yes, Efalia has enabled us to automate the handling of payment incidents by matching invoices to the payment records our customers send us. This makes our recovery operations more efficient.

Why did you choose MULTIGEST DMS ?

We made the choice in 2004, and we are still very happy with it. Our criteria were simplicity of use, the performance of the product, particularly in terms of scanning and ADR (automatic document recognition), and the ability to handle large volumes of documents. MULTIGEST satisfies these criteria fully. What’s more, Efalia is very responsive and has helped us develop specific modules (such as the one I mentioned before) that improve our competitiveness.

And the future?

We aim to deploy MULTIGEST’s Workflow module to manage product records. We hope this will increase our speed and efficiency further by better “tracking” the different stages in the process.

Gilles de Poret
IT Manager

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