Electronic employment contracts

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Secure the drafting and validation
of your contracts!

If a contract is poorly drafted, the consequences for your company can be disastrous! For example, if you leave out certain crucial elements of a fixed-term contract, it could become a full-time permanent contract.
The employment contract, by its nature, is the pivotal point in the relationship between employee and employer. It sets obligations for both parties and, once signed, cannot be altered without bilateral agreement. Special care thus needs to be taken when drafting an employment contract to secure the whole contract drafting, validation and signature process.

Drafting an employment contract from a Word template is always a source of potential errors.

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Depending on the post and any collective agreements, are all the mandatory clauses present?

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Are there any contradictory optional clauses?

A solution for managing employment contracts electronically can secure the whole contract life cycle, from initial drafting to storage in the employee’s file.

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EFALIA Suite offers a secure solution for drafting employment contracts using:

  • A data entry interface based on an electronic form that helps with the drafting of the contract:
  • The employee’s contact details,
  • The contract type (permanent, fixed-term, part-time etc.),
  • The job type.
  • Automatic calculation of which clauses are mandatory for the contract,
  • Suggestion of optional clauses, removing any that are contradictory,
  • Automatic construction of the employment contract in PDF format.

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The employment contract can pass through a validation cycle so that everyone involved (manager, HR department etc.) can validate and comment on the contract. These circuits can of course be different for different job types, compensation levels and contract types..



Signing the contract

Once the initialing circuit is complete, the solution enables the contract to be signed electronically by the employer (with either a named person’s certificate or a server certificate) and then sent to the future employee by email, automatically generating a signature certificate via SMS.
The signed contract is then returned to the platform where it can be placed automatically in the future employee’s file.

Finally, the solution offers advanced administration functions for:

  • personalizing forms for drafting contracts
  • easily building validation workflows
  • developing a library of clauses in line with collective agreements

The benefits of managing employment contracts electronically are many, with rapid return on investment:

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End-to-end security: from drafting to signature,


Productivity benefits: the process is fully digital for improved tracking.

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Find out how an international association manages its contracts electronically