Administrative document management at the Chamber of Trades with the MULTIGEST EDMS

Interview with Mr Ritaine, CFE-RM Manager at CMA Franche-Comté, by Efalia in November 2011

The Chambers of Trades and Crafts (CMA) in Franche-Comté: on the digital highway

Building on the pooling of resources initiated by President Paul Grosjean in his last regional term of office, the Franche-Comté Chambers of Trades decided that their documents should be archived electronically.

The first stone, and not the least, of this digital edifice was the Business Administration Centres and Trade Directories (CFE-RM).

These departments of the Chambers of Trades bring together all the administrative declarations and legal documents of small businesses in each district.

In terms of figures, over 25,000 new pages a year need to be conserved.

It was thus decided that these documents would be stored on a regional machine using MULTIGEST, the electronic Document Management System (DMS) solution developed by Efalia, which corresponded perfectly to all the relevant security and efficiency criteria.

The 20 members of staff at the Chambers of Trades began an initial evaluation and training phase during September. The final commissioning of the project took place on 3 October.

In the medium term, all the documents of 18,277 small businesses in Franche-Comté will be stored in these digital filing cabinets.

The council organisations and Efalia decided to take the partnership further.

The goal of achieving maximum efficiency emerged even in the earliest discussions.

Contact has thus been made and technical solutions are already being examined so that staff can import information from their management software (Cap Valley) directly into the DMS, making it possible to archive documents as soon as they are displayed on screen.

Next steps: training documents and then management documents.

Mr Ritaine
CFE-RM Manager

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