How to choose a user portal (URM, CRM) for online services

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What does a user relationship management solution need to offer?

  • A secure online service platform

    As a guarantee of security, make sure the platform is certified by France's National Information System Security Agency (ANSSI)

  • An accessible online service platform

    An online service portal that is ready to use, with a catalog of administrative services accessible on the move. A mobile app for reporting events.

  • An integrated CRM system within a back-office.

    A configurable CRM system for managing citizens according to category (citizens, families, businesses, associations etc.). Offering a rich, open back-office to support you over the long term (API)

The essential key functions of a URM/CRM solution

An online service portal for users

  • Creating an account
  • Logging in with France Connect
  • Accessing freely available services without the need to log in
  • Accessing services that require logging in
  • Tracking the progress of the application
  • Responding to requests from the administration
  • Viewing the administration’s response
  • Carrying out formalities on behalf of other people
  • Storing files in a document folder
  • Making appointments from a diary offering time slots
  • Accepting appointments
  • Paying bills online

A multi-channel back-office for processing by staff

  • Scanning mail
  • Recording requests sent via the portal
  • Recording emails
  • File drag/drop
  • Examining and responding to requests
  • Passing requests on to the relevant departments
  • Classifying files
  • Allocating requests to members of staff
  • Processing requests
  • Making appointments
  • Creating and signing replies (free text, mail merge)
  • Supervising services (statistics)

Rich administration functions

  • Workshop for creating requests (online form)
  • Managing the rules on receiving requests
  • Defining and managing processing procedures, statuses and automatic acknowledgments of receipt
  • Defining reply templates
  • Building and managing a CRM reference system
  • Managing authorizations and organization charts
  • Managing diaries and available time slots
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