Case Management, every customer case needs to be managed

case management

Every day, you handle cases from sources outside your organization, such as:


Processing a customer claim following an accident.




A request for construction work as part of an operation.


A grant request.


A response to a call for bids.

Given their external origins, these situations are unpredictable, and their direct links with requests from customers or users require treatment on a case-by-case basis. Examining, processing and following up each “case” within your organization thus involves:


Collaborative work between different stakeholders in order to manage the case.


The use of a variety of information, either structured within forms or non-structured within documents, images or videos.

A Case Management (CM) solution will facilitate this collaborative work and provide the right information at the right time to the right person so that the right decision can be made. A Case Management solution allows you to combine content (documents), processes (tasks) and collaboration (participants) within the same platform.

For example, Paul, a sales representative, has just received a set of requirements from a customer. Paul classifies the request, completes it and asks the customer for additional documents. He then contacts the technical team for their view and a relevant response. Paul drafts a commercial proposal incorporating technical details. He asks the sales director to approve the proposal and submits it to the customer.

A Case Management solution gives Paul a complete view of the customer’s case and helps him collaborate with the technical team. The sales director approves the proposal in accordance with the company’s internal rules.

By facilitating streamlined, interactive work involving several contributors and real-time access to centralized information, Case Management offers many benefits to everyone involved:

  • Time savings,
  • Better performance,
  • Significantly improved collaboration within the company,
  • Improved service for the end customer.
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