Business: what the MULTIGEST
DMS solution offers

Beyond a certain volume of business, electronic archiving becomes essential for any business. Apart from saving storage space in your premises, digitisationoffers many opportunities to cut costs, improve your administrative processes and optimise the quality and lead times of your services or deliveries.

  • Manual document entry can quickly prove not only laborious but also costly in terms of human resources and time.

= >The MULTIGEST DMS solution from Efalia responds to these needs: the Automatic Document Recognition (ADR) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functions make it possible to sort your recurring documents automatically (delivery notes, invoices, waybills etc.). As they are now available as independent modules, you can configure the ADR and OCR functions to recognise zones in your different document types, or create templates that will automatically fill in the metadata associated with a particular document type.

These modules offer significant productivity increases for any company that deals with large volumes of documents (suppliers to the retail industry, transport companies etc.).

  • Managing access and revisions to contractual documents can also be tricky: the benefit of electronic document management software is that your staff can identify who has viewed and modified any document and access a comprehensive view of its successive versions. The system also enables targeted document sharing to support collaboration, while avoiding unnecessary, space-hungry duplication.

= >The MULTIGEST solution from Efalia provides simple document classification, optimum accessibility and wide sharing among colleagues thanks to an easy-to-learn interface and full interoperability with most business software.

The Efalia document workflow engine allows all your staff to access the right document simply and quickly, even when travelling, monitor changes over time and save space on your server, avoiding duplication.

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